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Mount And Blade Warband Weapon Meshes E 95 ##VERIFIED##

Croatian Army inherited a vast quantity of Yugoslav era weapons, including massive quantity of small arms. among these, some 1400 M84 Yugoslav made 7.62 Machine gun and 6000 M77 light machine gun which are still in use to this day. Replacement by modern western counterparts in part was resisted by the army due to the cost but also due to the fact Croatia had huge amount of 7.62mm calibre ammunition for M84 Machine gun, in fact replacing M84 would have been unnecessary cost when country's Army undergoing modernization and vital funds are needed elsewhere. However the army has purchased large noumber of western machine guns, including Ultimax 100, FN MAG and other. Army recently held international competition for light machine gun replacement and FN M249 was chosen as best option with Army looking to order between 500 and 1000 M249 and is talking to local manufacture HS Product in establishing long term production under licence from Belgian producer for Croatian but also export needs. Army has purchased undisclosed number of Heckler & Koch MG5 and MG4s, believed to be around 40-50 samples, with future requirement for at least 500 of these weapons.[24]

mount and blade warband weapon meshes e 95

Currently the Croatian Army has a mix of anti tank systems in use, with vast majority of current inventory dating back to 1990s when during the Croatian War of Independence, the Croatian National Guard managed to capture massive stores of Yugoslav Army weapon stockpiles including large quantity of anti tank missiles of Soviet and Yugoslav origin. The Croatian Army also purchased a number of Russian anti tank systems during the War, systems which were never used by the Yugoslav Army. Many of these systems are now obsolete by modern standards and are not compatible with NATO equipment requirements. Due to the shortage of funds, the purchase of modern NATO compatible anti tank systems wasn't on the agenda until the recent purchase of Bradley M2A2 ODS IFVs and Patria AMV IFVs. The Croatian Army has secured 20 Spike launchers with at least 200 Spike LR 2 missiles that will be mounted on 9 Patria AMV IFVs, with 2 launchers per vehicle, with further two launchers for training. With the purchase of M2A2 ODS Bradley IFVs, the Croatian Army went on ahead and ordered a large quantity of TOW 2 missiles in several configurations, both missile systems once they enter service will be vehicle mounted. Finally Croatian Army plans to introduce new anti tank missiles, USA made FGM-148 Javelin have been chosen as main infantry support weapon along with German made RGW 90 Matador RPG,[60] initially 100 Javelin Launchers will be purchased with several hundred missiles and at least 300 Metador RPG systems. However as there are 7 mechanized infantry combat battalions currently in the Army, there's a requirement for a large number of infantry portable ATGM launchers, with requirements for at least 224 launchers.32 Hellfire missile launchers with a larger number of Hellfire Romeo missiles were purchased, mainly for use on Croatian Air Force OH-58D(R) helicopters. Future purchases of additional launchers and missiles are very likely, especially if Croatia acquires combat/attack drones and attack helicopters.

You start by first building the mounts and the gunners, and then you can choose between a bombast field gun, a heavy lascannon, or a malleus rocket launcher. Both weapon systems are included twice, so you can equip both guns in the same way. You can position the other four crew members freely on the base, in total there are 2 hooded helmeted heads, 2 masculine and 2 feminine heads with caps, as well as two feminine and 4 masculine helmeted heads, all on ball joints and compatible with the other new Cadian models. There are also a couple of ammo and weapon crates you can use as decorative elements. 350c69d7ab

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